I am an Artist

Over the past few months, I’ve been approaching my personal growth, with more positive thoughts. This time last year I would’ve asked the question Am I an Artist? Today, I’ve rearranged the words to say I am an Artist. I do believe your thoughts create your reality.

Whenever anyone starts to ask me “what do you do?” I have my Instagram page open before they can even finish the sentence. I feel content with sharing my work and when I’m asked if I created the piece they’ve enlarged, I merrily reply yes, I’m the Artist behind the painting. I secretly appreciate the admiration on their faces when they stroll through my Insta-feed.

I’ve not always been this confident. I used to hide my art from everyone. An old colleague would nag me into applying for the Royal Academy of Art’s summer exhibition. I’d make excuses on why couldn’t. I would tell him my work isn’t good enough and he’d reply “it’s all in your head”. He would nudge me forward to network with exhibitors, while I’d shy away in the darkest corner.

With time, motivation from others and loads of positive quotes, my thought process has changed. I am an Artist this is what I do.

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