Colour of the month: Orange

How is it already Autumn? For September’s colour of the month, I’ve chosen a zesty autumnal shade to welcome the new season. Alongside the natural shift, a plethora of warm hues slowly begins to settle in place of summers blue horizon. 

September brought a blend of hot and cold days, with rain escorting us towards comfy, indoor living; think snug beige cardies and warming up beside a flaming hot fireplace.

The beauty of orange hues is how strikingly cosy it always looks when teamed up with neutral beige and brown tones. Combine it with white, and it becomes invigorating. Unite it with red and yellow and you’ve got excitement, enthusiasm and warmth.

Orange is the perfect shade for the first month of autumn. It reminds me of longer sunsets, fresh fruits, campfires and of course pumpkins.

orange ginger flameorange Autumn sunsetorange Auburn melody

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