Choosing the right hair colour

There are moments in solitude when I watch the time slowly tick by, while everything encompassing me comes to a steady standstill. My thoughts have halted at the sight of the changing numbers of a digital clock, all I can think of are the figures dancing uninterruptedly in front of me. How graceful they look when everything else halts. The background noise of car engines, busses passing and birds tweeting turning into a distant chorus.

I cherish these slow moments that take me to the middle of nowhere. In the silence I see clearly, I feel at peace. I won’t be sitting here for too long, I’ve got a hair appointment to leave for soon. But as I keep my eyes on the time, I tell myself I just need a few more minutes of nothingness. It’s in the nothing that I have everything. My heart is full of joy again. Heartfelt joys don’t require anything, there is no manuscript. The rules that were there I tore apart a long time ago. 

A little life story: Over a week ago I topped up my balayage. The colour picked was the brassy tone the previous growing-out balayage had turned to. From that point on nothing was going the way I had envisioned or remembered from my previous appointment some months ago. There was no gradient blend in the shift between the natural hair tone and the caramelised colour. The level the balayage started is not what I had asked for or pointed at. Disappointed? indeed I was. However, once my hair was cut and blow-dried it did look nice for those few minutes, but that was until I saw my reflection under the bright LED lights of a boutique. And, so my quest to see if I could re-tone started. 

I spent a few days unnecessarily worrying over something that could easily be fixed. Before I could get any professional advice I searched Google for answers to my questions. The answers I got were not by professional colourists or ones that my concerned mind sought. All the websites gave different responses, a few said I could use hair toner straight away, some said I’d have to wait at least three weeks. I was not willing to wait. After a sleepless night, I got up at the peak of dawn and did what I should’ve done the moment I saw my reflection. I returned to the salon and asked if I could re-tone my hair. My main stylist was there (luckily) and she gave me all the background detail I needed. Phew, I booked an appointment for the following day. 

Feeling lighter and after a goodnight sleep, I’m returning to the salon to tone my hair again but with a colour that suits me in my eyes. Before I leave I’ll enjoy a moment of stillness.

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