Coffee shops and me.

I heard the alarm go off in the far yet close distance. It was the third time it rang out loud so close to my ears. I wanted to continue sleeping for as long as I possibly could until my natural body clock said it was time to wake up. But alas I could no longer daringly snooze the alarm for a fourth time. It takes a few loud beats for my bleary self to realise reality was calling and this is not a part of my dream. When the bed feels so snug in the morning every second spent under the covers counts. 

Time was crucial. I rushed my morning routine to a quarter of its time. Comprising between spending time doing my makeup or getting some extra shut-eye. Nonetheless, makeup-trained hands knew when to be steady and ready for that eyeliner precision. I know getting this wrong meant a few minute’s setback, straight after regret and oh no’s.

My hour-long journey to work also counted as reset time. With two books in my bag and one on my phone, I didn’t touch any of them. I wasn’t in the reading mood. Like my previous post, I just gazed outside the window. Seven AM looks calmingly different to one PM. The pace of pacers wasn’t fast strides, but instead slower steps. They had somewhere to be but not fast. 

I spent a short day at work. As cover for a few hours. Once my four hours were up, I clocked out and travelled to a coffee shop closer to home. Upon entering I felt the warmth envelope me, becoming a thick barrier between me and the cold. The smell of freshly grounded coffee danced in the air. I took the only available seat. At this time with all the busyness, the location isn’t high on my agenda. Here I spent the majority of the day reading a book on my phone or just looking into thin air sipping hot chocolate. Despite all the chaos around me, I find it easy to concentrate maybe because I’m reminded of being in a study hall with fifty other students but just that bit louder. Since I can remember I’ve always liked being in a coffee shop alone or with a friend. With people coming and going around me. While I get on with whatever it is that I’m doing, minding my own business. 

With a glass of hot chocolate beside me, I’m relaxed as I read the lines away. I had zoned out all the background noise, making it able to concentrate on the words in front of me. With a little search on Google, I found out coffee shops are one of the favourite places to write or work in. It’s a tradition. One that I like to continue.

2 thoughts on “Coffee shops and me.

  1. You pulled me in at ‘Coffee Shops’ in your title … some of my favourite words. I also agree about the magical atmosphere. You could also have been describing my relationship with my alarm when it goes off at 5.30. Yes, I too, want every extra second under the duvet and negotiate the extra snooze time with myself. Last Friday was last day of term before the Easter holidays. I finished – or at least left campus – after lunch and all I could think of on the way back to Glasgow was stopping off at my favourite coffee house for a coffee and the relaxed, friendly atmosphere so I could write and think
    Thanks for sharing your day

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