Art into Words

To the art of writing. A picture may speak a thousand words, however, your drawing/ painting may not always speak for itself. 

As an artist, I do things a little backwards. I first search for inspiration, scribble ideas and finally work on the final piece, without naming or giving it a description. At times it will take me days trying to give my work a name. The last thing I want to do is be lazy and call them by numbers “artwork 2′. That won’t do.

Apart from a title, art needs a visual story that captures imaginations, evokes powerful and harmonious thoughts. Don’t need to write a monograph, just a short and sweet description that accompanies the artwork.

To write my visual descriptions, here are a few tips I followed.

  • Bullet pointed facts from the pencilled ideas to the final outcome.
  • I tried to write in a storytelling manner.
  • I researched other artists for helpful tips.
  • I presented my work to my friends and tapped into their senses.
  • I turned to the dictionary for descriptive words that captivated thoughts.

Identifing art 3. Blame it on artMoroccan Spice: Moroccan Spice transforms into a vibrant, exotic bazaar, set in the alleys and passages of Marrakech. Where the bazaars are brimming with colourful spices of all flavours ready to take in all your senses.

Identifing art 5. Blame it on art

Five Layers of Purple: Five layers of purple is a chic, versatile piece, set around a shade that was once the 80s trendiest colour. Today purple is making its innovative mark by pairing up with intricate motifs.

Identifing art 1. Blame it on art

Midnight Blush: There are always two sides to every story and blushful night covers them both. A couple of strong, opposite colours have come together to indulge in the secrets of the night. Black grounds pink and gives it a little glamorous edge.

Identifing art 4. Blame it on art

Crushed Jewels: It’s like lifting the lid of an old wooden treasure to find stunning fragments of crushed jewels; Ruby, jade and emerald. Strong, bold hues that add an uplifting touch of opulence.

Identifing art 2. Blame it on art

Classic Clusters: The mixture of striking colours from deep turquoise and ruby reds transforms classic clusters into a trove of precious patterns.

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