Art into Words

Now that I’ve named my art, it’s time to paint them verbal descriptions. Words can be visual, they capture imaginations and evoke powerful and harmonious thoughts.

I’ve written and scribbled many drafts, here’s what I did.

  • Bullet pointed facts from the the penciled ideas to the final outcome.
  • I tried to write in a story telling manner.
  • I researched other artist for helpful tips.
  • I presented my work to my friends and tapped into their senses.
  • I turned to the dictionary for descriptive words that captivated thoughts.

Identifing art 3. Blame it on artMoroccan Spice: This piece transforms into a Moroccan bazaar where spices sit openly in cone-like shapes. It favours experience with a hearty blend of ancient flavours and rich colours; from turmeric and cumin to cinnamon and saffron.

Identifing art 5. Blame it on art

Five Layers of Purple: In the spirit of Pantone’s chosen colour of 2018, I incorporated intricate details with different shades of purple; from soft lilacs to ultra violets. This colour is known to inspire innovation and forward thinking and therefore, made its mark on my piece.

Identifing art 1. Blame it on art

Midnight Blush: Colour can be powerful; It can change moods and enhance ambience. Just like the blushful pink in this contrastingly midnight artwork. The entire piece is diverse from the traditional style to modern medium.

Identifing art 4. Blame it on art

Crushed Jewels: Ruby, jade and emerald green, a group of stunning hues that add a touch opulence. The fragments of colour shake up the classical look by uplifting each pattern.

Identifing art 2. Blame it on art

Classic Clusters: Turquoise and deep reds belong to a fearless colour palette. Each shade adds a hint of energy. The treasured colours transform into a trove precious patterns.

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