Mandala Monday

It’s been a while since I made a signature mandala. So here it is, an optimistic mint blue mandala for an uplifting Monday.

As of late, I’ve been spending a lot of time researching all types of Islamic art, through online sources and book scans. I’m a picture kinda girl, I look at the images before taking note of the text. And, every image has me in awe, peering down closer at the pages. I adore the exceptionally detailed tezhip curves, the linework of geometrical patterns and the intricacy of arabesque motifs. They’re mathematically placed and elaborately created with finesse

No blank page is the same, a standard template is set to size, ready to outline a replica of patterns. My desktop has an organised arrangement of folders replete with ideas, inspiration and shapes. Before beginning a mandala, I look over the patterns I wish to explore. Doodle a variety of ways they can be manipulated. Starting with a simple base, I work my way out; Layers after layers, arches upon arches.

Mandala Monday, blameitonart (4)Mandala Monday, blameitonart (2)Mandala Monday, blameitonart (3)

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