Waking up in California

After an early morning school run, my aunty returned home and gave a short update on the weather. “It’s very foggy outside,” she said. “Foggy?” I repeated with slight dismay. I picked up my phone, donned a cardigan and with my flip flops I headed out to witness the suburban fog. Taking a quick snap, I wandered back inside. Waiting for the fog to disperse before stepping out again. 

The 10+ hour plane journey can’t jet me away from winters touch forever. It’s going to come for me before the hands hit 10. Two weeks prior to winging away, with much thought I booked my tickets to California, to spend 14 days chasing the rays. On the flip-side to what I’m used to, here the only season on the spectrum is summer. Therefore, I can live with a little morning breeze.

Stepping out once again for a late morning hike, I was pleasantly surprised to see the clearest blue sky. As I know it best California is home to perennial sunshine. I walked to the end of my aunty’s dead-end road and entered a small leafy opening that I know as the trail. Here I spend my mornings whilst missing out on gym sessions. 

During my short stroll, I met joggers, bike riders, dog walkers and sightseers along the way, all of whom never failed to smile or say good morning. How easy it is to adapt to this place and live like the amiable locals. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, the backdrop is perfect for Instagram worthy pictures. Arrays of trees lining the margin simply add to the charm. Watching the sunset over the scope is never a dull moment. The views of the skyline stretched as far as I can see always draws me in. 

I’m in a melting pot of nature and friendliness. A little cold in the morning won’t hurt.

Waking up in California, blameitonart (3)Waking up in California, blameitonart (2)Waking up in California, blameitonart (1)

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