I’m craving a little glow-up

Life’s not always rose-tinted. There are more blue days than pink. Warming up the cold hues is where the glow-up comes in.

I first heard the expression glow-up in 2019, doing its rounds on social media, where people were sharing side by side pictures of themselves 10 years ago and now. It soon turned into an aspiration for many, myself included to look and do better. A transformation to be a better version of me, one that will not take 10 years to transpire. 

I began my new venture by reading more about healthy eating, making lists and saving pictures I found all over social media and the internet. I now own a folder filled with glowing benefits. I’ve named this positive progress after what it is: Glow-up-diary. In the early days when the term was first coined, it illustrated the physical transformation. However, according to the free dictionary, it is described as the following:

Verb: To transform oneself in a significant way. The phrase can be applied to positive changes in one’s appearance, but usually focuses more on one’s successes in life and increased self-confidence. 

Now that’s my kind of definition, effective and beneficial. I’m following suit. The process is bigger than just the visible appearance, it begins within. I first started two weeks ago by quitting refined sugar. I took on the glow-up challenge for its physical meaning. I listed down the things I should eat daily and the minimum amount of water I could drink before ending the day. I mentally ticked off my healthy meals. Made a spreadsheet to keep track and count the days as they pass by. Each highlighted mark takes me further away from the day I last had refined sugar i.e. brownies and brings me closer to the benefits i.e. glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails (what more can a girl ask for).

16 days on and counting, I realise my glow-up is more than just giving up galaxy chocolate. It’s about being strong-willed, motivated and optimistic. Not only is this transition physical it’s also mental and emotional. I’m internally keeping away from the things that once brought me joy. I’m learning more about myself each day and accepting who I am and what good I can become.

This process involves a few snags. I feel confident one day and cheerless the next. While I know I have to go through hurdles, I’ll keep striving to accomplish what I want, whether that’s with my blog, art or skin. In a month from now with all the vitamins, I’m taking I should have more good hair days than bad. I’ll take you on that journey.

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