Spread kindness wherever you go.

One cold evening, with no change, except for a plastic card in my purse. I walked into my local corner shop. Where coins and notes are the traditional way of paying, especially for something as small as a bottle of water. Not wanting to walk away empty-handed, I tried my luck. Approaching the till I placed the Evian bottle on the counter. As soon as the bottle touched the surface I was greeted and given the price, by the shopkeeper who knows me as a regular. I returned the greeting and asked if I could pay by card. He replied “for you yes” adding “because you’re polite”. This naturally brought a smile to my face. I thanked him more than once, thanks for letting me pay by card and thanks for saying I’m polite.

That compliment will stick with me as have many others, where the terms nice, kind and polite have been used in similar contexts. My life is filtered with such moments, from strangers I may never cross paths with again. I don’t know about anyone else, I’m usually lost for words and think how nice are you to say that, you made my day. 

Here’s the one thing I like about social media. When someone does a good deed on the other side of the world, it is seen by many, inspires others to follow heed and grows. Kindness is a moment that is valued for however long anyone wishes to remember. It’s patently easy to spread. It’s writing a positive note. Gifting a flower. Going out of your way to visit someone. Holding the door open. Lending a hand to a person who may need it. Giving up your seat. Volunteering for a charity. Sharing your last Rolo. 

Blossoming benevolence is likeably trendy with the every day “not all heroes wear capes”. Hashtags used to share acts of kindness and GoFundMe campaigns to raise thousands for those in need, are a token of all the benign heroes. Personally, for me, I like to read feel-good memoirs of empathy and one’s braveness through hard times. I silently applaud them through likes and shares.

Highlighting kindness reflects on the pursuit of happiness. Like a positivity movement for bliss. If you’re still reading this leave a positive note for a complete stranger anywhere on the bus, train, shop or cinema. Let’s see more smiles. 

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