Girl about London town.

Staying at home for me started this week. Whether I wished to or not, I had no option, it was happening. As I lock myself away indoors, I can’t help but think about all those who are tirelessly working on the front-line; the healthcare workers, the supermarket employees, the scientists, taxi drivers, factory workers, farmers and delivery drivers. 

In my 30+ years of living, for the very first time, I amply miss London. Not the kind of miss when you’re on holiday and begin to feel homesick, longing for your bed. No, I miss all the things about this city that I as a Londoner once took for granted. All because everything was in front of me and easily reachable. 

I miss the metropolis. I miss the city skyline made up of towering, modern buildings. I miss the glass facades reflecting their smaller concrete counterparts. I miss the architectural relics from past centuries. I miss the gothic arches. I miss the roman columns. I miss the panoramic view of Southbank. I miss the city lit at night. I miss the Georgian houses. I miss the Victorian shops. I miss the Tudor exteriors. I miss the coloured doors. I miss the pretty little mewses. I miss the cobbled grounds. I miss looking up and spotting Art Deco buildings. I miss avoiding the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. I miss listening to street musicians. I miss wandering aimlessly through the V and A corridors. I miss exploring new galleries filled by unknown artists. I miss the Tate Modern’s 10th-floor balcony view of St Paul’s Cathedral. I miss stopping at Costa Coffee for a hot beverage. I miss eyeing up brownies at food market stalls. I miss walks by the canal. I miss the mile-long graffiti of Shoreditch. I miss the hot chocolate by Dark Sugars.

London I miss you.

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