A tiny bit hopeful: day 17

Waking up once again at the peak of dawn. I draw back the curtains, letting in the daylight, that’s peeping through the gaps. I get a glimpse of the orange sunrise before it fades out, for the regular blue sky.

I press play on my routine, wandering off to the bathroom with my toiletry bag. Continuing to layer on the 3, 4, 5 step skincare; serum, oil, moisturizer and mist. My skin is looking pampered, with nowhere to go. Without all the pollution, freezing weather and other calamities my skin used to encounter on a daily basis, I’m pleased with how it’s restoring itself. For the better. A little like mother earth taking back her land and letting animals roam the deserted streets.

Breakfast is oats and cacao, I’m at risk of getting bored with having the same thing. Being a little experimental, I add less cacao to the oats. No difference was made whatsoever. A trip to Tesco has already been planned, a little seasoning to my food is very much needed. I’m happy that hoarding or overstocking has calmed down from the extreme of emptying out supermarket shelves. I will be disappointed if semolina is out of stock. My pudding bowl needs to serve something new. 

Now that I’ve got the UN open-call out of the way, I’m back to working on the line drawing, I was previously toiling on, on Photoshop. With more hours of moving path pointers around, I can’t see an ending being that near. Tired of all the mouse clicks, I close the file temporarily and open a new page. Wanting to work on something different, quick and simple. I have a go at single-line drawings. Something I’ve always wanted to try, but have never pushed myself into doing so, until now. I’m happy to be taking risks with my work and exploring techniques, outside my comfort zone.

The single-line drawing is of a woman wearing a hat. For a first try, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I used the pen tool to draw a guided path, imitating features of a nose and lips. I then outlined the path with a faded brush. After a few trials and errors on picking the right density of the brush, I finally got the results I was satisfied with.

Taking a break from the computer I head down to the kitchen. It’s finally lunchtime. Being lazy I take a couple of my mum’s homemade kebabs out of the freezer and heat them on the pan. Something quick and simple. Today’s turning out to be a very relaxed kind of day. 

Returning to my room with my plate of lazy-girl’s-guide-to-heating-kebabs. I draw another single-line portrait. Enjoying how quick the outcome is, I plan to work more on this style. In fact, why not add it to my second Instagram page brownies.and.boots. I wasn’t too pleased with how my grid was previously looking and deleted everything off there to start afresh. By everything, I only mean 5 pictures, so no damage is done to years of posting. I do plan to work more on the new layout. I spent a lot of the afternoon scouring through Pinterest for grid ideas and inspiration. Now that I’ve uploaded one picture, I’m excited to see what will materialise.

Dinner was my signature salad, a lot of spinach leaves, kale, other greens and vegetables that match all colours of the rainbow. With the last meal out of the way, I’m now going to relax with a book, but after I search for more Instagram inspiration.

A tiny bit hopeful, day 17, blameitonart (2)

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