A tiny bit hopeful: day 31

Two days later… 

I decided after 28 daily posts, I’ll hold back to one post every other day.

It’s been a great start to the fourth week of quarantine. I’ve officially become lazier than I started. I’m finding peace in slowing down, though life likes to challenge that little bit of happiness. While it does I’m still grateful to be where I am, home.

I spent the last two days lounging in mismatched pyjamas. My growing hair tied up in a short ponytail, strands that don’t want to stay put clipped back. My skin steamed (facial), masked and glowing under all the never to be missed skincare steps. I have added massaging to this routine. I never knew face yoga existed until sponsored posts started popping up on my Insta feed. Being curious, of course I clicked on the post to see what it was about. At first I was a little bit skeptical until I saw some before and after pictures, that surprised me and also lured me in to try it myself. I’ve given myself less screen time and instead I’ve been turning the pages of my current book. While my friend talks about all the junk and sweet food she’s been binging on, I reply to her with my only binge is sweet potatoes. Lockdowns got us all wallowing in different things. The little time I have been giving myself on the computer has been for Instagram drawings. 

I am beginning to wonder whether my jeans miss me or not. However, I know one thing I do miss wearing them once in a while. Though I can’t bring myself to wear a pair around the house. I’m loving the soft, comfortable life. As I’ve gotten cosy with my 24/7 loungewear, I’ve been feeling nostalgic. Going through old and recent images on my phone. All that have one thing in common: they were outside my house. This is why having a routine, no matter what it is, is important. Having goals or pursuing this glow up makes me look forward to something. Another thing I look forward to is seeing the positive action of others. I was watching a video that’s going viral throughout social media, of a guy playing the saxophone. I too shared the video on my facebook feed. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have listened to it. Music really does unite us on a deep level.

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