Reading my way through lockdown

As an avid reader, I’m booked every night for the next 30+ days. I’m not venturing through this lockdown alone. I’m rather excited as I have a growing collection of books by my side that will see me through to the last day. 

My assemblage of books has reached soaring peaks. While I was busy carrying out shopping hauls at Waterstones and Foyles, I never imagined I would be in another lockdown. Looking back at all those trips to Westfield and Central London I’m now thankful I kept picking up more books for my aching arms to carry.

Day one was just how I expected it to be, relaxing. It was the first day and night of not reminding myself to set my alarm. Yesterday morning I didn’t wake up to the sound of my exceptionally rambunctious phone bell going off at 7 am. My well behaved body clock allowed me to catch up on some much-needed sleep. My tired eyes were more than grateful for every additional minute of remaining shut.

Reading my way into day two. I’m currently halfway through The Expats by Chris Pavone. I reckon I’ll still be clutching on to this book for another two days, though my timely predictions are never accurate. As soon as I close this book another is waiting to be opened. 

Feeling optimistic, I’m not planning for the month, weeks or days ahead. I’m taking each hour as it comes. Slowing down my thoughts and approaching lockdown 2.0 positively, this time appreciating being semi-locked in my house and thankful for everything I’ve got. Over the last week, I wrote down a straightforward daily routine plan that involved journaling, reading, writing, studying, drawing and walking. Sounds like a handful, but the more the merrier. Though I’m not following the routine down to the T, I’m still doing three of the activities on that list, which I will mix and match as the days go on.

5 thoughts on “Reading my way through lockdown

  1. Just stumbled across your blog and I love your content! I also could not agree more, reading is keeping me sane in lockdown, especially entering lockdown 2.0! 🙂

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  2. I just came across your blog today. I am pleased. I resonate with your content and I simply love it. Lockdown isn’t easy for anyone but is great to see that there are people that add life to their days by including different activities in their daily routine instead of choosing to feel overwhelmed and negative about this situation we all are in. World needs more people like you. 🙌

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