Day 25 Lockdown 2.0: Staying local with a stroll through Walthamstow Village

As it’s the season of darkness I arrived early at Walthamstow Central Bus Station, ready for a quiet and inspiring walk. Wanting to be home long before the clock struck three. Today’s atmosphere was completely different from my walks by the canal. It was a last-minute decision of opting for drier paths. Though I missed the sound and sight of rippling water. With my back to the bus station, I wandered in the direction of Walthamstow Village, a quaint neighbourhood filled with optic memoirs. Cloaked behind rows of terraced houses. I didn’t let the quintessential view of ordinary streets detour me. 

With more than one route to go by, conveniently I chose to turn on to the closest street to me, St Marys Road. Jovial I did, this orientation gave me plenty to see before reaching the village. The first building I descried was painted with a large mural of colourful flowers in an illustrated style. Crossing over I stopped to take a peek through the windows of a very chic beauty salon. The exterior painted the perfect shade of mint green. While the interior was decorated with wooden furniture straight out of the 70s fused with a modernised touch. The essence of integrating a diversity of decades together is understandable, as this is a small preview of what’s to come. 

Further on the end of St Marys Road meets the opening of a small Church path. Along the left, a tier of eclectic mix Victorian cottages are assembled together. Each frontal is decorated with similar picket-fences, colourful main doors and adorned gardens. Admiring each cottage I almost forgot I was a 5-minute walk away from the bustling Walthamstow Central.

Continuing on I made my way to the very pleasant Orford Road, what once used to be the original town centre until 1940. Orford Road has made its way onto the radar of many online tourist publications as a key destination to visit in Walthamstow. A fine selection of cafes, restaurants and independent shops line either side of the road, each one has its perks and attractive facade. My favourite being Eat 17 and also my final destination. Knowing what I wanted I walked straight towards the bakery section to treat myself to a delicious Bueno brownie.

With the delicacy bagged up, I set off back in the direction of the bus station ready to go home.

I will add pictures tomorrow.

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