Together we move forward

It’s a late Monday afternoon in December. Roughly 30 days have passed since I last sat in this location during my lunch break. Today, I’ve chosen a different bench to occupy for an ever-so-slight change in view, which happens to be a new shop front. The atmosphere relatively remains the same, the glitz of motif Christmas lights, scarf and hat worthy drop in degree and the early enveloping of darkness are the mere noticeable changes. The only real difference between those 30 moons is what I’ve learnt. Externally everything around me is periodically the same. Internally I’ve grasped enough to show some contrast.

What I observe today is life goes on. The Christmas rush is spread out. Queues outside stores, cautious distancing and stews of colourful masks, some down, some up. The Road to my right is Carnaby Street, I look over to see people walking into a MAC store empty-handed and exiting with an iconic MAC paper bag. The slogan is as bright as ever. Encouraging me to relish in a little shopping. Staying put, I continue to look on. Reflecting on the present, life really does move forward. Despite all that’s going on around us all I see today is smiles, laughter, chatter and joyful preparations for Christmas. We still leave gift shopping to the last minute. 

After a month of solitude, it’s good to see festive joy and hopefulness back once again.

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