This needs no introduction.

The heat is on, quite literally it is. After almost two years of playing dodgeball with invisible bacteria particles. They finally hit me in the last month of 2021. 

So my initial plan was to be as productive as possible, to sit down and write a couple of blog posts, now that I’m self-isolating. Unlike quarantining during the lockdowns, my movement is restricted. All that I have in my possessions are my hoard of books, my phone, computer, packs of chocolate and every other thing that’s stashed within these four walls (that I call my bedroom) to keep me entertained for the next few days. Which thankfully is more than enough to get me through. However, things didn’t go according to plan. Writing the blog posts were yesterday’s bright thoughts. Reality hit me when I made many attempts to sit down and type out a few sentences, I only managed to go as far as doing the first part and that was to sit myself down. I felt fatigued and struggled to write even a single line. Every time I closed my Word document, the page remained blank just as I had first opened it. It was a little frustrating, to begin with, as I wanted to do something worthwhile with all the time that I had. So I decided the best I could do was to stop trying so hard and to just spill the beans on how difficult it is to formulate two lines. Writing these hundred (plus) words has actually really made my day.

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