One line is all it takes: Single line drawings

The basic line is I’m drawing my way through January.

I started this piece off by drawing the hem of the neckline. I knew I wanted it to be as detailed as possible from the first offset. So I squiggled and squiggled and squiggled as much painstaking detail as I could into the fringe of the top. Halfway through I worried my pen, my hand and my patience won’t make it to the finishing line. Oh, I felt doubt alright, “what have I gotten myself into”, “I’ve come this far, it’s too late to start over” were a few of the thoughts that ran through my mind. I stopped a few times momentarily to break from all the zig-zagging. As an artist I know it’s the end result that will tell me if it was all worth it or not. Going in clueless I came out victorious. I kept going until I reached the end. It was indeed worth all the backward and forward scribbles. I completed the drawing with a few creases on the flowy top, a simple silhouette of the face and pink brush strokes near the collarbones.

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