Another visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum: pt1

Is there a museum you haven’t visited? Yes, plenty I answered. But I keep going back to the same ones. Walking the halls of the Victoria and Albert museum is becoming somewhat of a habit. My last trip was cut short by hours and I missed so much due to the overtiredness. 

Donning all my outer gear, gloves included, I hung my camera bag over my shoulder and tapped my way over to South Kensington. I arrived at my stop with my camera already in my hands, long before I had even stepped off the bus. It was all lights, camera, action, from the start. Crossing over busy Cromwell road, I stood directly in front of my destination taking in the full height and length of the Victorian architecture, pointing my camera to the crown of the grand arch, where statues of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are eminently carved. Built-in 1852 during the early years of the Victorian era (1853-1901) hence the red brickwork with stone dressings.

Like last time I began my journey into the museum by entering through the new side entrance on Exhibition Road, which faces the V&A’s neighbours (National history museum and Science museum). Arriving mid-afternoon, I walked through the spacious hallways, passing by other visitors. We had plenty of room between us to move and stop as freely as we wanted. The halls were not as full as they once used to be pre-covid. Minus the few other guests I felt like I had the galleries all to myself, this suited my slow-motion picture shots just fine. My footsteps echoed through the Edwardian corridors and staircases as I ascended up the floors.

In search of my favourite collections, the glass galleries and theatre and performance room, I’m not sure what lengths I walked or how many steps I did. Plenty is my answer, being out of breath clarified it. The museum covers over 12.5 acres so I’m not surprised. Carrying a bottle of water is very much recommended and required. I spent all my time on the top floors taking pictures, rotating between two DSLR lenses. I wanted detailed, abstract shots and got as close as I could to the cabinets or security lines (without touching or crossing anything). 

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