The marvels of being absent

The gaps between posts are growing wider than I’d have liked. I’m squeezing in a hundred words here and there to fill in the elongated empty spaces. Like an almost bare clothing rail, my blog looks a little deserted, without the newness of daily ramblings. Nonetheless here I am with just over 100 words to sweep away the piles of dust two weeks have accumulated and cover the desolate spaces. As I write this post, I think back to the moments I had an “I could write about this” spur of the moment ideas and now I can barely remember what their topics were. All I can say is the thoughts were there. 

I threw myself into a world of no break, enjoying every moment of reading, drawing, walking and so on. There were times when I’d sit by the canal and wonder how I could squeeze in more time to read. Reading has become a self-care goal. I recently noticed my thoughts becoming more relaxed as I read my way through to the last pages of a Pam Grout book. I did not wish to put the book down as I neared the ending. With the turning of each page, I half hoped more pages would suddenly appear. And, when I did finally turn over the last leaf I turned to Google to research more books by Pam Grout and brought myself two “Thank and Grow Rich” and “The Course in Miracles”. When occupied and concentrating whilst reading, I love how my nagging negative thoughts stop and be attentive, taking in the words. For those few temporary minutes, they know they have no chance of being heard over all the positive words that are bracing me tightly and actually enjoy that moment.

2 thoughts on “The marvels of being absent

  1. I feel that. Typically when I have an idea, I sign onto my wordpress app or grab my bullet journal, and write the exact thought or sentence that pops into my head. That way I don’t completely forget the thought, and can finish it when I have the time. The only downside is that sometimes you go so long without completing that post/thought, that it no longer relates to you. Or you just don’t really feel like writing about that topic anymore. Hope you’re doing well xxx

    Melina |

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