End of the Road

The final countdown at work has started. As I begin to say my goodbyes and pack my belongings, I can’t help but hum “Although we’ve come to the end of the road” by Boyz II Men. Keep in mind I’ve not heard this song in years, yet I’m suddenly obsessed with it. Replaying two lines from the chorus over and over again, like a broken 80s record. I’ll move on swiftly before I break into another song that I can’t remember the words.

Every second is important, the minutes, hours, hands of the clock, bring me closer to the last page of this chapter before I completely close it off with a full stop. 

If this temporary journey has taught me anything then it’s to remain focused on doing what I love, to stay determined to reach my goals, to put in the hard work that will soon pay of, to not be put down by the harsh words of unskilled people. 

Now it’s time for me to be to look forward to new changes.

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