Wear that skirt

A light breeze gently blows through my skirt. As I put my hands down on either side to stall it from flowing any further, I feel a sense of flair. The skirt is circular, yet on the long side, so I don’t need to worry too much about it blowing up.

Ever since I started dropping skirts into my shopping baskets and notably altering my dress sense, my love for fashion simply changed. For someone who once used to own nothing but jeans in every dark shade, I am now the proud owner of five almost identical black skirts. Yet I love each one equally. This new addition to my wardrobe brought with it some positive factors. Ones that I didn’t fathom until I was wearing the new outfits and looking forward to simply styling them 

My fashion-loving, lazy heart skips a beat everytime I slip into a skirt and see the classic silhouette, a feeling I never get when I wear trousers. Ever since I’ve returned to work I’ve only worn trousers on a couple of occasions. Each time reminding myself this will be the last. Though that’s never been true. Trousers do have one benefit, pockets.

The happier I feel the more my heart and mind are aligned. Out of choice, I reach for a skirt every morning. The only challenge I face is choosing between the colours and textures. While my closet ever-so-simply consists of a three-tone colour palette, all I need to experiment with is the style. On some mornings when I feel like being a bit more extra, I opt for wearing skirts with pleats and a little sheen. The more the skirt splays the more creative I feel throughout the day.

Having worn skirts of all lengths, my favourite is midis. I find the length to be flattering and always look effortlessly elegant. The dibs of matching them with tops and shoes are countless with beautiful end results.

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