Forming creative habits

As an artist who enjoys writing, I can fathom the full benefits of consistently being creative. On a regular, I never stop creating, despite all the creative roadblocks I face. When I’m not motivated to draw or write, I walk away from my desk and around any obstacle that stands in my way. Instead of picking up a pen or reaching for my laptop, I opt for a whole new avocation, such as baking brownies from scratch, styling a new outfit or taking photos of flowers. The list doesn’t end here, it keeps on growing. My curiosity for wanting to learn and starting new projects is endless. I’m continuously taking risks, practising the things I love and leaving the ones I don’t unfinished. I’m guilty of forgoing things halfway through, why waste time doing something that doesn’t make my soul happy.

Finding a new passion is a hobby within itself and I’m tackling this almost everyday. Though a majority of my week is taken over by work, I still allow myself to pause dedicating some time to new ventures. Through short increments, I’m able to revel in various creative quests. Slicing out at least an hour to 15 minutes for crafting at the end of a long day is a gratifying reward I look forward to accepting, from myself. I create to relax, it’s a little soothing meditation for my soul. I can’t say it was easy in the beginning. It took iterative time to mold this all together and shape a new patterned endurance.

One sub-par thing I used to do a lot of was focusing on the outcome rather than the process. All I looked out for was perfection in my final pieces and sharing for likes in hope someone in the audience may want a print. With the Instagram algorithms changing and coverage dropping so was my confidence. Taking a step back I stopped posting and drawing altogether. Reevaluating who I was doing this for. This journey was/ is meant to be for myself to enjoy, learn, grow and make mistakes along the way all the while having fun.

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