Day 6 of lockdown 2.0: Living a comfortable life

I’m a little, but not completely surprised at how fast time is moving. Almost a week into lockdown and I have nothing but my calm mood to show for it. Living the slow life, with my mind in the present is very pleasant. I wake up every morning excited to read, journal and drink hot chocolate. 

Going out has become the thing I leave for tomorrow. That tomorrow doesn’t come often. Yesterday was the first time I stepped foot out of the house and that was a short yet long venture to my local corner shop. All because I had run out of hot chocolate and my craving was growing by the hour. I paired together the most unthought-of combo, a pair of dark jeans and a half ironed beige jumper. The straightforward walk down the road seemed to take forever, seconds felt like minutes. Knowing exactly where my regular buys were kept. I made a quick manoeuvre to that aisle. Once I had paid for the hot chocolate tub, I rushed back home, hurried to my room and slipped back into my joggers. 

I wake up to change from one pair of joggers to the next. The thought of changing into something that isn’t stretchy, soft or just plain comfy puts me off from going out. My hairs unstraightened, my face free of makeup and my clothes are comfortable to a very high degree. I’m living the backstage life. A rebel in a polarised society, that has suddenly become too selfish, too exaggerated, too rude, too over-comparing, too overdoing it, too distracting. too much, too fast. Slow down.

Back to my room, my computer. Today I did a little online window shopping at Next. Specifically taking a look at their loungewear. I was happy to see their snug-wear look well-put-together enough to be worn out to the corner shop or supermarket. Tempting. It’s like cosy meets charm, yet slightly hidden under a statement over-sized tan coat.

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