Day 10 Lockdown 3.0: Almost time to say goodbye

I blinked and it’s almost at the end of December. In a few days, 2021 will be standing on my doorstep, knocking until I open the door. I’ll know it’s the New Year the very second it arrives. The colours lighting up the sky will be the biggest giveaway. I once used to sleep straight through the fireworks. Living in a metropolitan city that never tires, I’m used to sleeping through the noise of traffic. This year, however, I’ll stay awake. Classically dressed in my pyjamas. Looking out the window. Bundled up under a blanket. Counting down to the last second with possibly every other person in the country. And, when I see the fireworks, I’m going to marvel at all the colours. The glitters glistening in the sky. I’ll Imagine someone lighting up the rocket and then running for cover, as I witnessed when I was a child. Though I wish the sparks came without the bang.

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