Diary of a life learner

Early November has brought a full-on preview of the chilly winter days that are yet to come. Pushing aside the chills on this cold autumn morning is my over/ hardworking heater, that I’m wholeheartedly grateful for every 6am when it systematically cranks on the heat. 

As cold as it may be I’ve cosily wrapped around myself a chunky cardigan. Don’t think I can get a fourth layer over this. I’m sitting on my bed looking like a beige ice cone, but a comfortable one. I should move but my limbs stay still. The book beside me, that I had finished reading some minutes ago, is my copy of The Secret. All my stillness is reflecting on everything I had read in the very last chapter and those that had come before it. The message is clear and precise, the power is in my thoughts. Looking back to my teenage years I now wish I had paid more attention to Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Fair enough a blink won’t switch off the light, but I have things to move.

On my chest of draws awaits another book. Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza. This one was kindly recommended to me by a neurologist, who I follow on Youtube and Instagram. Excited to read it, I finally moved away from the cave of knits layered on top of me and got ready to go out for a walk by the canal. Of course, the book came with me, I placed it in my bag as one of my essentials for the day.

My quiet walk ended by taking a seat on a bench that overlooked the water. I sat there watching it smoothly move by with the current, while my attention drifted towards the book. I didn’t feel the chill from the air as I sat and read. Before I knew it hours had gone by and I was already a quarter way through. One chapter was too soon to put the book down. As a book nerd, I loved the words I silently read to myself. Through them, I try to trickle all the good I learn into my everyday life. Here I was being taught to live in the present and discipline into it (with all my thoughts and feelings) my future goals and dreams.

What I know is I have the power to change my present self; it just needs to be activated with the right energy frequency.

2 thoughts on “Diary of a life learner

  1. Frequency is such an interesting thing. I’ve found that I can look at the same problems from totally different vantage points, depending on my frequency at the time. The trick is to get myself in those specific states. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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