A few goals for the blog

I’m ready as you are 2022, prepared to tuck right into all the sweet joys this year is set to bring.

In my comfortable loungewear, at the first hour of the day, I’m sitting here composing a post for all that I wish to accomplish for blame-it-on-art this year. With great optimism, I have high hopes for 2022 and believe with a mindset full of affirmations I will achieve all that I go after. The energy in my mind is closer towards the positive end of the stick. Every time I feel a pang of doubt come my way, my thoughts steer me to a phrase that begins with “I am”. A mood I wish to continue with.

I spent a part of New Year’s day and this morning reflecting on what “I am” achieving through Blameitonart.com (see what I did there *smiles*). Having devoted four years to blogging as a hobby during my free time, I now wish to say “I have turned my blog into a full/part-time career”. 

To kick start the fresh goals, I got productive with all the available internet resources, Google. I opened up a shop on Saatchi Art, to sell some of my early digital artwork. Since I dedicated long hours creating them as a passion for digital art, it’s about time I share the art with the world and sell, rather than have them sit in a USB stick collecting dust. In the middle of uploading five mandala drawings, I continued to look over different websites similar to Saatchi Art. Finally, after years, I updated my ‘shop’ page. No more coming soon headings, I’m getting the ball rolling.

Not stopping there I have plans for Instagram too. Unpurposely my Insta page has a beige/ white theme going on with some hints of colour here and there. All the pictures I upload are taken with my DSLR camera. Which I don’t carry around with me every single day, so I find it hard to consistently post. However, the plan is to upload some mobile shots that are not in coherence with the beige grid to my stories. Plus as I’m not jet setting and only catching buses or trains, they will be a tourist at home taking photos of what I see stones throw away.

2 thoughts on “A few goals for the blog

  1. Doubts will come I’m sure, and it’s great that you’re noticing this early, because I myself do get a lot of doubts all the time, but whenever I challenge them, I learn that it’s a trick my mind is playing on me. I’ll never know till I try, and it really benefits me not to listen to that damned doubtful voice. Anyway, thanks for this post and wishing you all the best for 2022!

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