Life actually

T’is the season for all things cosy. I left the country while it was still t-shirt season and have returned to donning jackets, it’s too early for overlayering outerwear. I’ve got lovely oversized jumpers that have been waiting all summer to be worn out in this perfect weather. I’m stubbornly wearing knitwear without a coat while the breeze is still bearable, if need be I’ll add a scarf and gloves. My fashionista, summer-loving self isn’t quite ready for winter just yet. 

Bracing the cold wind, I returned to sitting by the canal. Revisiting my favourite spot, like I never left. It’s here that I’ve always spent all my free time, with a book or even my laptop. I now look forward to watching the golden filter of early sunsets take over the darkening sky. No matter where I am in the world, I always feel at home in the open air. The breeze isn’t stinging, it politely reminds me to wrap my jumper around me a little tighter. I’m sitting crossed on a bench, as comfortable as I can be. I feel at home in nature, the soon-to-be leafless trees remind me growth is inevitable. A cup of hot chocolate warms my gloveless hands. Hot Chocolate tastes different in October. Maybe because it’s cold against the heat. Opposites do attract.

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