Diary Dayz 07: Never stop learning

I’m not so far away from a device that displays the time. My mobile phone for instance is always either at arm’s reach, in my pocket or somewhere in my handbag. While I’m using my computer or laptop I habitually look at the screen’s bottom right-hand corner to see the time. Minutes skip by like seconds without missing a beat.

The past eleven months have been dedicated to self-development. In January it was my goal to work on becoming the best version of me that I can be (for me). I’m sure next January the same goal won’t be so far off. I hit small wins every time I was proud of something I did or achieved, and celebrated those victories with maybe an incentive brownie here or there. What better way to treat my personal achievements than with a chocolate dessert, my taste buds indeed agreed with the chosen incentive.

A lot of my gratitude goes to the haul of books that are towering beside every corner of my room. It has been a year of hoarding books, piling them up, and most importantly reading them. I chose to stick to the genre of mindfulness and expanded towards similar subjects like spirituality, psychology and philosophy. Can I count finishing a book as a mini-win, because, well why not? I am amazed at how much I have learned and appreciate the thousands of pages I’ve turned in this past year, from authors of every well-written book which makes me want to pick up more books written by them. I’ve picked up new keywords like dopamine and neurology along the way and added them to my growing vocabulary.

Each book I read heavily emphasised the power of our thoughts, positive thinking and how we develop ourselves through new experiences and learning. I strongly took learning into consideration and set up a new account on Future Learn. Browsing through their list of short courses I began a new module on Mindfulness for well-being. All that is needed is full concentration, headphones and a couple of hours a week. 

Even as adults we never stop learning or growing.

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