Day 43 lockdown 3.0: It’s all the in the thoughts

Jan 31th: Standing by my bedroom window, I gazed up at the dull grey sky. It was too early to judge the weather and so I waited until midday to check again. By 12 the greyness had dispersed making way for a lovely shade of light blue. I not-so-secretly hoped the arctic weather was now a thing of yesterday. My mood was opposite to the colour of the sky. Today I felt yellow; happy, warm (inside) and cheerful. 

Ready with all my winter gear on, my phone and headphones in hand, I took my sunshine-self out for a walk. As always I habitually tapped on YouTube and began my stroll listening to motivational speeches*. Paying heed to the road ahead of me all the while concentrating on the words spilling through my headphones. 

Despite the fact that I was listening to the same speech for the fourth time. It never grew old. I learned something new with each repeat, though it was the first few minutes that caught most my attention. This didn’t feel like a recording, it was a one to one coaching session. I heard what I needed to hear and with the repeat button I listened to it over and over again. On occasions I’d forget I was walking alone, I would stop myself from laughing out loud or nodding. 

The first line that conquered my thoughts was “It all begins with how we choose to think”. How true is this. From that moment on all I contemplated was every thought that ran through my mind.  However, like meditating I did loose track.

Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new

*Healthy Mindset

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